Friday, September 28, 2012


A women’s wardrobe is an outlet of her personal creativity, style, taste and functionality. With a wide array of apparel at a fashionista’s disposal, its no wonder most women have trouble picking out a single outfit for anonymous day strutting through the city.

To such fashion headaches, LOLA AND SOPHIE have come to the rescue. The creation of their SIGNATURE OVERDRAPE, has been re-racked into the “I’ve worn this so many times, but want to wear it again” closet space due its versatility as a chic jersey top - easily convertible into a dress  - and inventive use of figure flattering drapery and it’s edgy asymmetrical hemline; a testament to Lola and Sophie’s comfortable glamour aesthetic.

So how did this upscale knit become such natural “own-it” item? Let’s chat with Lola and Sophie and learn why their SIGNATURE OVER-DRAPE was inspired.

                      ( A re-play of the Signature Over-Drape Innovation Session)

-                    Sophie – Okay Lola! Let’s put our Designer instincts together and start brainstorming for our first collection of tops. We definitely have to be distinctive to the minds of the confident fashion-forward consumer but also appeal to the lady seeking an easy sexy look.

-                    Lola – Well, there’s not jersey tops that scream, ‘I can wear you from night to day and feel like a million bucks.’ If we made a top with a longer undergarment in our rayon and jersey fabric, then it will be long enough to cover her bottom half and appear like a dress.

-                    Sophie – Hmmm…Well, I DISAGREE! A top can NOT be a dress too unless it has some texture and visual structure to distract a women’s mid-section without making her look bigger at the hips.

-                    Lola – Good Point!...How about using my draping skills and create a two-layered garment; one piece gathering at the shoulder and draping down to the hip line. The second undergarment can be longer and be cut a little lower than the waist.

-                    Sophie – So like an “Overdrape- Layer?!

 Written By: Elizabeth Mensi

-                    Lola – EXACTLY – And if we cut the top asymmetrically, it will be like “shield” of fashion armor showcasing the feminine bust while hiding her stomach or problem areas.

-                    Sophie – I like where this is going! But the bottom half can’t just hang on the body. It’s needs to balance out the flowy Over-Drape, perhaps a slimming feature?!?

-                    Lola – Ok. Let’s add ruching to the side seams. It will automatically shrink the waistline and transform it into a more formal fit for those impromptu dinner dates.

-                    Sophie – OMG! Ye, because NO one likes to feel undressed on a first date!. And this one-piece jersey totally embodies all aspects of the fashion spectrum. It’s like a Downtown top and with an Uptown dress underneath, obviously very trendy with its edgy hemline and naturally feminine silhouette…I think we’ve created our first best-seller!

-                    Lola – Don’t forget about the high- quality of our rayon knit material and it’s variety colors and necklines!

-                    Sophie – Save the color and size specification chatter for next time. Off to the sewing room to produce our SIGNATURE OVERDRAPE!

-                    Lola – Right behind ya!

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Monday, September 24, 2012


Held in NYC’s Javits Center, this September’s COTERIE exhibition was an explosion of fresh color and detailed patterns from fashion designers all across globe. Amidst the footwear, accessories, special occasion, denim and international exhibits, LOLA AND SOPHIE remained ahead of the Contemporary exhibitors receiving rave reviews for their naturally cool SPRING 2013 line featuring lush melon and tangerine hues to subdued natural greys and taupe with an edgy addition of geometric prints, stripes and asymmetrical cuts, (OPTIC, SCARF, and WIDE STRIPE- seen below). Specifically, their simple use of pure linens and silk fabrics, transforms their signature basic jerseys into effortless sexy style. Check out their renewed take on easy-to-wear UPSCALE KNITS and  FEARLESS - HOT SPRING 2013 fashion sense below!

Sophie – “Craving these patterns.”

Lola – “Loving the use of silk!”

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Which one of Fall's texturized booties would you wear with our SIGNATURE LONG SLEEVE V-NECK OVER-DRAPE?...they all match and look extra EXTRA HOT! 

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Monday, August 27, 2012


From the East Coast to the West Coast and back to NYC...Lola and Sophie were on the move last week showcasing their HOT Resort 2012 Line.  

A quick and successful visit to Project, a women's clothing and apparel trade show in Dallas, Texas along with a promotional trip to the second city that never sets, Las Vegas, Nevada keeps Lola and Sophie trend-stepping all over the country. Jet-setting is a work hard and play hard occasion for this winning pair!

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This past Sunday, Lola and Sophie shot one of their most colorful and structurally intriguing lines to date! The Resort 2013 Photoshoot took place in a modern yet urban style Pent House in the heart of Manhattan, aka the chic neighborhood of Chelsea. With sleek floor to ceiling glass windows in a spacious studio, our head designer's home easily converted into a professional photo set filled with lights, cameras, hair, makeup, models, designers and tons of Lola and Sophie's HOT Resort Looks! How did this production come together?!?! more to find out!

Lola: To set the tone for the shoot, we choose a simple and eye-catching hair style to reflect the intensity of the bright hues chosen for the season's clothing line. Combining the obsession with Ombre and the popular use of pink and purple dyes, it was necessary to stir up some tropical trouble in a trendy head-to-toe look. Hair stylist, Jamal Tadros worked with Strawberry Blonde and Hot Pink Colored Hair Spray with the addition of natural waves, giving our model's hair easy texture, movement and body. The use of a bright (Hot Pink) and subdued (Strawberry Blonde...almost lavender shade) colored dye, balanced out the shades of pink without overpowering our model's light, long and thick brown flowing locks. (note: the hairspray was washable)!

Sophie: The use of pink as a hidden pop of color paired well with an Angelic make-up pallet delicately applied by makeup artist, Douglas Otero of D'Style Makeup. With a natural skin-tone colored lip, Doug's "Mary-Poppin's bag of Make-up" proved to be an all inclusive look. Incorporating a pink high-light on the cheek bones, Doug kept the base golden and youthful with the "less is more" effect. Additionally, his useful trick of popping lipsticks into weekly pill capsules is a jet-setter's glamorous way to travel and new tip I picked up. A lipstick a the perfect dose of medicine!

Lola: Sticking with the naturally hip vibe, the application of a silver grey matted painted nail tied this sexy glow together allowing Lola and Sophie's Resort Clothing line to do the talking. Turquoise, yellow, bright pink and orange jerseys turned this photo shoot into a LUSCIOUS Resort time!

Sophie: Accessories also played a part. Utilizing Giuseppe Zanotti Patent Color Block Sandal...TO DIE FOR...added a High-Fashion editorial feel as well as the Isabel Marant Suede Dicker Boot with white shorts courtesy of Chip and Pepper. (All accessories can be found GITO stores).

From Head to Toe and Hair to Makeup, our Resort 2013 Line is an infusion of COLOR, STYLE and GLAMOUR. It just makes you want to...STRIKE A POSE!

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Get the TOP and the COCKTAIL....

Oversized Scoop Neck with Drawstring in a Luscious DARK VIOLET......Yummmmmmmmm

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crowned in BAROQUE

Grandeur Opulence and Ornate Designs....Who wouldn't want to be "Crowned" for a day!

Lola - What's trending now in Fall Fashion is a series of lush and elaborate prints stemming from the influence of the late 17th century Roman Renaissance. Inspired by Michelangelo's intricate art works and period of dark paintings, Baroque fashion represents an era of sophisticated embellished femininity and detailed extravagance.  With varying degrees of fashion intensity, BAROQUE is FABULOUSLY back in style!

D&G Autumn 2012

Sophie - Bringing drama to the Fashion runway is a designer's dream. Thus, it is no surprise that both European favorites, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana dominated this Fall trend with powerful architectural pieces collaborating movement and tension without loosing sophistication, romanticism and class. 


Lola - Specifically, Versace's Printed Silk Dress encapsulates the high-glamour and golden use of leopard prints for a fierce style statement. (see above). In Milan's Autumn show, Dolce & Gabbana masterfully balances the use of rich velvets and gilded details by featuring soothing Rococo swirls for a soft feminine lace look. Also featuring lace and imagery in its Printed Stretch Silk Mini Dress, D&G makes an elegant first impression with a lasting taste of decadence and artistic confidence. (see below) With extravagant prints and textures, a simple pump or wedge, is the easiest way to complete this FABULOUS look!

Sophie - This grandiose feminine demur is also making it's way into HAIR! From dresses to head pieces, crowned braids and soft flowing swirls is a signature Fall twist on your up-due. Pictured Below, Blake Lively looks magnificent and BAROQUE-LY luscious at recent Gala!

So fill your Fall fix of golds, intricate designs, and gilded prints and be Crowned in Baroque!

Find Baroque items at

Written By: Elizabeth Mensi
Images By: Elizabeth Mensi